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Welcome to the ALL NEW!

Hi everyone and welcome to the completely new  Still everything you loved about the old one and much, much more.  We’ve imported all the old blog posts you loved, so nothing is lost and can still be searched for.  We’ve added an all new recipes section which is alphabetically organized into categories and recipes for easy navigation.  It will be updated regularly with new recipes.  This gives the user a much easier way to find the recipe they’re looking for in a quick and efficient way.

We’ve also started using more social media so you can like/tweet/ziplist/ or pin your favorite recipes to your social media pages to share with other fans.  Ziplist is a recipe program which allows you to keep track of all your favorite recipes in a special account that you can make for yourself.  You can sign up here at

You can also easily print or email a pdf of the recipe you like using the print button located at the bottom right of every post.  It prints in plain black and white text, so your not running all the color ink out of your printer when all you needed was 10 lines for a recipe!

Once again, thank you all for all the support over the years and I hope you continue to read and enjoy my NEW Blog.

Happy Cooking!